blending vessel


blending vessel


• Sterile Solutions
• Vial
• Ampoules
• I. V. Fluids
• LVP & SVP Solutions


• Vaccines
• Human Insulin
• Serums
• Plasma Fractions
• Bacteria and cell cultures

Technical Details:

• Vessels are designed accordance with ASME BPE and EHEDG Guidelines
   Instrumentation & connections comply with BPE & EHEDG guideline.
• Bottom mounted Magnetic mixer with speed variation from 50 to 450 RPM
• Flush Bottom Outlet value (Zero Dead Leg) with CIP/SIP able.
• Sterile Flange Connections for Top dish nozzles to enhance CIP & SIP operations
• PH Sensor / Conductivity Sensor provided on demand for online check
•  Load Cells for weight measurement
• Vessel with CIP / SIP able accessories Sampling valve zero dead leg type with
  CIP/SIP able.
• PLC-based, with Touch Screen MMI and SCADA Packages (Optional)

Advantage of magnetic stirrer compare to conventional agitation

• Magnetically powered drive, no seals, no shafts, thereby eliminating possibility of 
• Low Power Consumption
• Low Shear Forces (less damage to product)
• Designed in accordance with cGMP requirements for CIP and SIP
• Mixing head designed for vigorous mixing or low volume blending
• Easy removal of drive unit